Featured funds

Our funds invest across developed, emerging and frontier markets spanning equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternative asset classes.

Featured funds

Global Multi-Asset Income Fund

Aims to provide investors with attractive, sustainable income with scope for capital growth. It’s actively managed following a defensive approach - seeking resilient assets and aiming to limit downside.

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Global Franchise Fund

A global portfolio investing in world-leading, quality companies that seeks to provide greater certainty in an uncertain world.

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Global Environment Fund

Seeks to capture the structural decarbonisation growth story – investing in companies that are driving the transition to a low carbon world.

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All China Equity Fund

Aims to provide long-term capital growth primarily through investment in equities or equity-related securities issued by Chinese Companies.

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American Franchise Fund

A differentiated approach to investing in America by investing in companies with strong franchises.

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European Equity Fund

The European Equity Fund invests primarily in the shares of European companies or companies which carry out a large proportion of their business activities in Europe.

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Global Quality Dividend Growth Fund

Seeks to provide a differentiated approach to income investing by focusing on Quality companies that offer above market dividend yield and have strong dividend growth potential.

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