Ninety One International Investment Portfolio

The Ninety One International Investment Portfolio, designed with foreign (non-SA) tax residents in mind, is an offshore investment portfolio that offers a convenient and cost-effective way to invest directly offshore, with easy access to your money and no minimum investment term.

A flexible and cost-effective way to invest offshore

Invest directly offshore with the Ninety One International Investment Portfolio. You have the flexibility to access and grow your money in a way that supports your changing needs.

There are no restrictions on how long you should stay invested. Adding to your investment or making withdrawals is easy.

You have access to a wide range of international funds covering all asset classes. Your choice of funds will depend on your personal circumstances, investment horizon and risk profile.

Ninety One International Investment Portfolio


There is a wide array of offshore unit trusts from which to choose – add to your investment or make withdrawals whenever you like.


The offshore unit trusts are well regulated – enjoy transparent pricing and performance.


Access all your unit trusts in one place and experience a simplified transaction, administration, and reporting process.


We provide you with an online calculator to determine the capital gains and losses on past and prospective transactions to complete your tax returns.


You can choose a currency and specify a bank account anywhere in the world into which your investment proceeds must be paid.


Ninety One Family Office enables families to combine their offshore investments on one platform and save money on fees.

Here’s how it works

What you need to do:

Complete the Ninety One International Investment Portfolio application form. Select one or more funds from our range of funds and make a once-off and/or additional contributions.

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What happens with your money?

The fund managers invest your money in a portfolio of assets such as equities, bonds, cash and listed property, based on your fund selection.

The investment is managed on your behalf according to the fund’s objectives, for example, beating inflation over a certain time period. This plays a key role in determining the return on your investment.

What amounts may be invested?

  • Minimum lump sum: US$25 000*
  • Additional: US$5 000*

*Or the equivalent in euros and sterling

When can you access your money?

The investment term is flexible – you can add to your investment or withdraw whenever you want.

What are the tax implications?

As the product is designed for foreign (non-SA) tax residents, no tax certificates are issued, although we provide an online calculator to determine the capital gains and losses on past and prospective transactions. All unit trust funds on offer are accumulation in nature, and it is investors’ responsibility to ensure that they understand the tax treatment of these share classes in their respective tax jurisdiction.

Income tax and capital gains tax are subject to applicable law in your country of residence. All tax is levied in the hands of the investor.

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