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Designed for advisors, built in collaboration. Our industry-leading platform simplifies and enhances your business to help deliver the best financial planning outcome for your clients.

Ninety One IP is the leading financial advisor-focused investment platform in South Africa.

We understand that advisors have a fundamental role to play in making investors aware of their financial needs and assisting them to save in a disciplined way towards achieving their goals. That is why our world revolves around partnering with advisors to create great investment outcomes for their clients.

What we offer

In our more than 30 years in business, we have seen investment platforms evolve to meet the complex needs of an ever-changing industry. We believe that the current environment requires a much deeper integration with an advisor’s business on several levels. At Ninety One IP, we have narrowed it down to the following three core elements:

  1. Bringing efficiencies to advisor practices through ease of use
  2. Supporting advisors to deliver the best financial planning outcomes for clients
  3. Using data to gain a deep level of insight into an advisor’s practice

Latest platform features


Ninety One Family Office


Online offshore investment capability


Multi-Factor Authentication for enhanced security of investment data

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