Ninety One Family Office

Ninety One Family Office is designed for advisors who focus on family wealth.

Global trends indicate that tens of trillions of dollars are expected to be transferred from current asset owners to the next generation over the next couple of decades.

The wealth transfer is not just about the transfer of money – it is about financial advisors extending their scope to service the entire family. Increasingly, the focus is not only on meeting the needs of the primary decision-maker, but also addressing the needs of different family members.

Against this backdrop, many advisors have recognised that deepening client relationships across generations is essential for the long-term success of their business.

At Ninety One Investment Platform (Ninety One IP), we have seen a definite shift from a traditional advisor-client relationship to a family advice approach.

That is why we have designed Ninety One Family Office for advisors like you who put families first. Our purpose is to facilitate excellent advice-led outcomes for our clients, and through this feature, we aim to help create prosperity that can span many generations.

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What Ninety One Family Office offers you

The process of consolidating reporting can be costly and resource intensive. Partnering with a platform provider that focuses on technology, can help bridge this gap and fulfil your reporting requirements without increasing costs for your practice or your clients.

The reporting functionality of Ninety One Family Office delivers comprehensive portfolio views that can be aggregated at family level. As with everything we do, this is designed to create efficiencies for our advisor partner practices. Ninety One Family Office lets you view related family accounts as one – on a single dashboard. This new enhancement of our reporting capability enables you to:

  • Group investors by family allowing for data aggregation
  • Instantly analyse portfolio data
  • Assess exposure at family level, turning insight into action
  • Create customised reports that can be updated in real time
  • Strengthen family communication around wealth transfer and preservation

Benefits of Ninety One Family Office for clients


Convenient and accurate family asset allocation


Simplified access to individual tax documents and statements


Simplified cash-flow analysis


Greater ease in monitoring performance against objectives


Benefit of scale increases cost efficiency

Benefits of Ninety One Family Office for advisors


The opportunity for consolidation with a preferred investment platform provides a meaningful step towards eliminating legacy platforms


Reduces the need to pay for off-the shelf customer relationship management systems


Lowers costs and improves efficiencies, so there’s more time to spend with clients and grow assets under advice and revenue

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