Investing offshore

With Ninety One, your money doesn’t need a passport to travel. Diversify your investments by gaining exposure to offshore markets.
With Ninety One, your money doesn’t need a passport to travel. Diversify your investments by gaining exposure to offshore markets.

Let your money see the world with Ninety One.

An offshore investment gives you access to opportunities across different countries, industries, companies and currencies, exposing your portfolio to more possibilities while diversifying your risk.

With Ninety One’s range of offshore funds and solutions, your money could be discovering a world of investment opportunity.

When your money leaves local shores, we’re ready to welcome it abroad.

Since 1991, we’ve been passionate about helping our clients grow and preserve their wealth. As South Africa’s largest investment manager with a 30-year heritage, we are well positioned to meet your offshore needs. Our roots are African, but our business is global, with 250 investment professionals in five investment hubs across the world serving clients from 112 countries.

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The benefits of investing offshore


Investing offshore may enhance your returns and reduce risk by diversifying your exposure to a single currency or country. It can help to form a prudent part of your portfolio alongside local investments. The level of exposure depends on your unique needs.


More investment opportunities: When you diversify internationally, you get access to a much wider range of investment opportunities to grow your money across countries, industries, companies and currencies.


Reduce risk of capital loss: Spreading your investments across markets and currencies, minimises the impact of currency depreciation or political and market events on your wealth.


Meet future international goals: Investing offshore may make it easier to fund any international liabilities and help you meet your international goals.

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How to add offshore exposure to your portfolio:

Foreign currency funds

Convert your rands into a foreign currency (e.g. US dollars) and invest directly in a foreign-domiciled fund. This could suit you if you’re looking to have full exposure to offshore markets using a foreign currency-based fund.

Minimum investment:
US$25,000 or the equivalent in euros and sterling

Here’s how it works:

South Africans have an annual discretionary allowance of R1 million and an annual investment allowance of R10 million they can use to invest offshore. You do not need prior approval from the South African Revenue Service or the Reserve Bank to use the discretionary allowance. But for amounts above R1 million, you will need clearance from the authorities.

You can use your annual allowance to convert rands into foreign currency. This will enable you to invest directly into offshore funds. Alternatively, you can invest in rand-based funds that offer exposure to global assets.

We offer investors access to leading funds across the globe via a single, integrated investment platform in our Ninety One Global Investment Portfolio.

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