Because quality companies grow their own way

Find out how true quality is timeless.
Find out how true quality is timeless.

The Quality companies we seek are those which can grow throughout the economic cycle. We seek world-leaders in their field that stand the test of time.

What makes a Quality company, Quality?

  • Hard-to-replicate enduring competitive advantages
  • Dominant market positions in stable growing industries
  • Low sensitivity to the economic and market cycle
  • Healthy balance sheets and low capital intensity
  • Sustainable cash generation and effective capital allocation
We believe, these characteristics make them resilient and can provide greater certainty in an uncertain world.

As a result, we feel they could act as a core component of investors’portfolios.

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Because not all quality is
our quality.

At Ninety One, we seek to invest in the best-of-breed quality companies: ‘the quality of the quality’. These are the companies that have the potential to sustain high returns and compound their shareholders’ wealth over the long term.


By investing in these companies we’ve seen,
  • A strong record of outperformance over the cycle*
  • With lower volatility and drawdowns, particularly in times of economic uncertainty

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*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results, losses may be made.

Why Quality

Why Ninety One for Quality?

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