Who we are

Ninety One is an active, global investment manager. Our goal is to provide long-term investment returns for our clients while making a positive difference to people and the planet.
We invest capital on behalf of our clients to help them achieve their long-term financial objectives. Beginning in 1991 in South Africa, today we are a global firm and remain committed to being active and responsible investors.

Ninety One

“We thank our clients for their support over the last thirty years and owe a debt of gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in building this special business. We could not have done this without them, our shareholders and the communities in which we operate. There is much more yet to come.”
Hendrik du Toit, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
We believe that active investing can be a force for good

We began in a year of extraordinary change, a small start-up with a big dream. To use our investment expertise to make a difference. A difference to our clients and to the place we call home. Seeking the opportunity in the changes surrounding us.

Over three decades as active investors, as dreamers, drivers, builders, we’ve worked with change knowing that every day demands new focus.

Focused on harnessing change, building a better firm, delivering the best outcomes for our clients, leaving a better world and always investing for a world of change.

Investments involve risk; losses may be made.

Lions head above the clouds 

Our purpose

“We created our firm with a dream in mind: to invest for a better tomorrow by building a better firm, making better investments and contributing to a better world.”
Hendrik du Toit, Founder & CEO
Our purpose is simple: ‘Investing for a better tomorrow.’ It guides our strategic decision making, culture and our daily endeavours. We split this into firm, investing and the wider world.
Better firm

We are building a firm that aims to achieve excellence over the long term, with a culture that encourages our people to reach their highest potential and puts our clients at the centre of our business.

Better investing

Long-term investment excellence is our primary function and is non-negotiable. We aim to provide our clients with investment outcomes that allow them to achieve their financial goals

Better world

We seek to make a difference to the world’s greatest challenges by investing our clients’ capital in a responsible manner towards the most responsible users of that capital. Being a fully engaged participant in society and actively preserving our natural environment is both our opportunity and promise.

Herd of elephants

Our culture

The culture of Ninety One reflects who we are as people. It is our shared values and norms that make us.
We believe the strength of our culture is a source of competitive advantage, ensuring a healthy environment for debate and exchange of views. This is the foundation for our pursuit of enduring investment performance and outstanding client service. Above all, our culture embodies our overriding value – to do the right thing.

We strive to do the right thing for our clients, our community, our colleagues and for the wider world.

Ambition and care are not mutually exclusive, and our culture engenders both. Collectively we insist on results, excellence and ambition, but not at the expense of the human spirit. We aim to be successful and decent at the same time.

Every person’s freedom to create is a defining element of the philosophy which drives our strong culture.

We steadfastly believe in giving individuals the freedom to be themselves. We are creating a culture where we can collectively achieve together without sacrificing our individual selves.

Our people perform best when they are liberated to pursue their passions and interests. We strive to give people the freedom to express their strengths, skills and talents. Freedom to create is a crucial driver of diversity in our business as it is only through the expression of individuality and one’s potential that we can be truly diverse.

Results and relationships

If freedom to create sits at the core of our culture, valuing strong relationships encircles that core. Strong relationships breed diversity in our business and an environment where all people feel welcome, respected and know they have a fair opportunity to develop and contribute. We expect people to perform both on the results they deliver and the quality of their relationships. These are important measures of our culture.

Diversity & inclusion

Encouraging diversity and inclusion forms an integral part of our firm’s recruitment, development and retention strategy. A diverse team of people ensures we approach all decision-making with a set of different perspectives. We believe this can be a competitive advantage, helping us achieve the best outcomes for our clients, our communities, our colleagues and the wider world in which we work.

We are creating an environment where everyone can be themselves and have the opportunity to build a successful career, regardless of who they are, or their background.

Transformation in South Africa

We are determined to play our part in building a South Africa in which all South Africans have a fair chance to succeed. We also believe diversity is essential to our firm’s ability to compete, adapt and remain relevant. Our approach is to focus on building talent organically, by recruiting and developing investment professionals early in their careers.

Gender diversity

We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining a gender diverse team. Ensuring our workforce reflects the clients we work with and the societies we operate in helps us approach decision-making with diverse perspectives.

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Ninety One Inspire

Inspire is a network created by women for women at Ninety One. It enables the exchange of knowledge and experiences in order to improve the opportunities for career success. Inspire plays an important role in helping us make our firm a more inclusive place.

Ninety One Proud

Proud is our LGBT+ network which is designed to create an internal community for our LGBT+ colleagues and their allies. We aim to promote an inclusive and supportive work environment, where people who identify as LGBT+ are free to be themselves.

Our timeline

Ninety One is an active, global investment manager. Our goal is to provide long-term investment returns for our clients while making a positive difference to people and the planet.