We believe that the privilege of investing your capital carries with it a responsibility to try to secure a sustainable future.

What is sustainable investing … and why do we do it?

A priority for Ninety One is to place sustainability at the core of our business. After all, our purpose is to invest for a better tomorrow. For us, sustainable investing means delivering ‘sustainability with substance’. In other words, our approach to sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG investing) must be evidence-based and purposeful.

Integrating ESG

As long-term investors, we need to consider all relevant risks. To this end, we integrate ESG into investment analysis across all of our investment teams. This includes ensuring every investment team has the tools to analyse a wide range of sustainability and ESG issues – resources that we believe are at least on a par with those available to the best sustainable strategies in the market.

Our investment teams also use their influence as active stewards of our clients’ capital to engage with companies and other entities on a wide range of sustainability issues, from climate change to diversity.

Sustainable investment strategies

In addition, we offer a range of dedicated sustainable investment strategies that allocate to companies and other entities that have a positive influence on the world, and that aim to capture structural-growth trends linked to sustainability. Our sustainable strategies include those that incorporate impact investing approaches.

Our range of sustainable investing strategies comprises both sustainable equity and fixed income strategies, some of which pursue sustainable thematic investing – for example, focusing on climate-solutions / transition investing, or on sustainability in emerging markets.

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Our approach to sustainability

Across Invest, Advocate and Inhabit, we seek to align behind the purpose and culture of our business: to do the right thing. By doing the right thing, we believe we can deliver the best outcomes for our clients, our people and the planet.


We integrate the assessment of ESG risks into our portfolios by deepening our understanding of externalities and improving our analysis and assessment of the risk they present.

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We seek to raise awareness of the need to fund the net-zero transition in a fair and inclusive way, particularly in emerging markets.

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We work to improve the sustainability of our operations, and to support charities and community projects that are important to the team at Ninety One.

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Essentials of net-zero investing
Episode 0427 min20 Jul 2023
Sovereign carbon assessment

Carbon data is backward looking and needs a better measure at a sovereign level explains Portfolio Manager Nicolas Jaquier. In an interview with Sustainability Director, Daisy Streatfeild, he outlines the unique challenges he and the team face when measuring and assessing the net-zero impact of countries and how to align portfolios to this goal.