Who we are

Ninety One is an active, global investment manager with distinctive capabilities in differentiated fixed income and credit as well as specialist equities. Our goal is to provide long-term investment returns for our clients while making a positive difference to people and the planet. We have a unique perspective and approach to the investment opportunities presented by emerging markets and the energy transition.

We believe active investing can be a force for good.

We’re different. Being a global investment manager with an emerging market heritage influences our approach. We bring a special perspective to active investing, which lets us find opportunities for clients in all kinds of places.

Since our founding in 1991, we’ve worked with change, knowing every day demands new focus. We grow our teams organically because we value the wisdom that comes with being part of something over time. Our culture encourages debate and calls on people to do the right thing, while our high level of staff ownership gives us extra incentive to perform for our clients.​

In our investment capabilities, we’re focused on specialist equity and differentiated fixed income & credit, where we have a distinctive edge. They give us access to the vast commercial opportunities presented by the world’s turn towards a sustainable future, particularly in emerging markets.​

We want to be socially useful in allocating capital. Here, we apply our experience as well as pragmatism. As fiduciaries of our clients’ money, while we advocate for positive change in the world, we want to profit from the innovation and evolution that change brings. Our approach combines traditional capitalist thinking with modern development ideas.​

​Our goal, always, is to help our clients achieve their long-term investment objectives.​


Investments involve risk; losses may be made.

From a start-up to a global business

Created in Cape Town in 1991, we’ve grown beyond Africa to span the US, Europe and the UK, Asia, and Australia, with 20 offices in 15 countries, our headquarters in London, and more than 240 investment professionals.

Source: Ninety One. Staff numbers as at 30 September 2023. AuM as at 31 March 2024.

A holistic approach to sustainability​

We strive to invest for a better tomorrow, which means sustainability is a core tenet. We believe our framework of invest, advocate and inhabit leads to sustainability with substance.​

In investing sustainably, our goal always is to do so profitably and in our clients’ best interests.​

More about our approach to sustainability Read our annual sustainability report

Our culture

The culture of Ninety One reflects who we are as people. It is our shared values and norms that make us.​

We believe the strength of our culture is a competitive advantage, ensuring a healthy environment for debate. This is the foundation for our pursuit of enduring investment performance and outstanding client service. Above all, our culture embodies our overriding value – to do the right thing.

We strive to do the right thing for our clients, our community, our colleagues and for the wider world.

Ambition and care are not mutually exclusive, and our culture engenders both. Collectively we insist on results, excellence and ambition, but not at the expense of the human spirit. We aim to be successful and decent at the same time.

Active by asset class

Whichever team you work with, you’ll find the passion and resourcefulness we bring to all our actions.

We have distinctive capabilities in Specialist Equities and Differentiated Fixed Income & Credit, with expertise in Multi-Asset and Alternatives.


Our range of active equity investment strategies spans global, regional, emerging and frontier markets. Our specialist investment teams provide distinct investment styles and return profiles to suit the different needs of our clients. We also offer a range of sustainable investment strategies.​

Investment teams

We’ve created an investment culture that demands excellence and gives every team the resources they need and the freedom to create.

We develop our investment teams organically because we honour tenure and value the wisdom that comes with being part of growth over time.