Ninety One 晉達加入「淨零碳排放資產管理公司倡議」﹙Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative﹚﹙只供英文版﹚


Ninety One joins Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

7 July 2021, Hong Kong/Singapore – Ninety One is proud to announce that it has joined the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, which supports investing aligned with the global goal of net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner.

This commitment underlines Ninety One’s support for the objectives of the Paris Agreement and global efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The assets represented by the Initiative represent almost half of the entire asset management sector globally in terms of total funds managed. A total of 128 investors – including the world’s three largest asset managers – collectively managing $43 trillion in assets are now part of the initiative.

Signatory asset managers commit to prioritise the achievement of real economy emissions reductions, take account of material portfolio Scope 3 emissions (resulting from activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organisation), create investment products aligned with net zero emissions and facilitate increased investment in climate solutions.

Therese Niklasson, Global Head of ESG at Ninety One, said: “Ninety One is excited to join the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative and share our thinking and focus around real-world decarbonisation. Our South African roots influence Ninety One’s approach to sustainability and as such we feel strongly positioned to recognise and advocate for a more inclusive and fair transition for the entire planet. The current trajectory of the global transition risks leaving behind the emerging economies. While they are not responsible for the bulk of emissions to date, they face some of the most devastating consequences.”

“Emerging market economies need time, support and financial resources to transition, yet the funding shortfall is huge, with just 20% of clean energy investment going to these regions. Divesting from high emitting nations and sectors further expedites the problem, diverting away the capital critically needed by these economies to fund their transition. Furthermore, by placing too much emphasis on measuring a reduction in the carbon intensity of an investment portfolio - often resulting in the exclusion of the ‘worst’ culprits from portfolios - investment managers run the risk of shifting, rather than helping to solve, the problem. To succeed, the industry needs greater transparency around changes in portfolio footprints versus achieving decarbonisation in the real world.”

“By signing the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, we are committed to working with our clients and for the global climate goals that achieve real world emission cuts, reward improvement and progression and prevent capital being driven away from the regions that need it the most.”










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