Global Environment Strategy

Invests in companies enabling the transition to a low-carbon world - seeking to capture the structural growth driven by decarbonisation
Deirdre Cooper
Graeme Baker

Strategy overview

The Strategy aims to achieve long-term total returns by investing in the equities of companies expected to contribute to the transition to a lower-carbon global economy. It focuses on businesses in three key areas of decarbonisation: renewable energy, resource efficiency and electrification. The Strategy aims to have a measurable positive impact by financing companies that are solving the world’s environmental challenges.

Key features
  • Provides exposure to quality environmental solutions companies engaged in the powerful multi-year decarbonisation structural growth opportunity
  • A high conviction portfolio built from the bottom-up which combines impact with financial returns
  • Global environment universe built using a proprietary screen
  • High active share provides a diversifier to traditional portfolios
  • Focused engagement and transparent reporting on sustainability and impact
  • Managed by an experienced team committed to environmental change

Investment approach


We believe that investing in decarbonisation offers investors exposure to a new structural growth area; the potential to hedge carbon risk; and the chance to make a positive impact.


We look across global value chains to identify companies generating revenues from businesses that are helping the world avoid emissions.


We target companies with three key attributes: growth potential, sustainable returns and competitive advantages.


We believe an unconstrained and focused approach, combined with a long-term investment horizon and active engagement, is the optimal way to invest in decarbonisation.

Portfolio managers

Deirdre Cooper
Graeme Baker


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