Top Changeblazers Forum 2023

Changeblazers visit the Cape Town office

Ninety One hosted 16 of our top Changeblazers at our Cape Town office for three days. Our university bursary programme supports more than 80 students and is designed to provide a platform for under-resourced, high potential matriculants to excel through financial and non-financial ‘wrap-around’ support while they are at tertiary institutions.

During the three days, colleagues from all areas of the business got involved; sharing their stories, learnings, tips and tricks for career navigation and importantly, the power of building networks. The students really appreciated the effort.

The students worked diligently on the group projects they were assigned. Topics included looking into the energy crisis in South Africa, the impact of AI on education and exploring financial education interventions for young people in South Africa.

For staff who did not get a chance to be part of this year’s programme, there will another chance next year.

Last updated: February, 2024