Changing the game with financial literacy

Early life financial literacy enabling social mobility

Ninety One is among financial firms in the UK partnering with RedSTART, a charity which helps children become financially literate, with a research study to assess the link between primary school-age financial education and social mobility.
The study is called ‘Change the Game’.

RedSTART is working with the Kings College Policy Institute and Boston Consulting Group to ensure the study is rigorous. If the research shows a meaningful link between early life financial literacy and social mobility, the aim is to drive policy change so financial education is included in the primary school curriculum in the UK.

The study

Over the next seven years, the charity will work with 47 primary schools and c.17,000 children in underprivileged areas to determine whether there is a benefit to having money lessons early in life.

As part of the first phase of the project, RedSTART will commission Kings College Policy Institute to conduct a longitudinal study evaluating the attitude, behaviour and educational attainment of children receiving financial education from RedSTART versus those not receiving any support.

Phase two will see RedSTART partnering with Boston Consulting Group who will analyse and publish the findings from the longitudinal study, forecasting the potential consequences of inaction, and Robeco who will measure the impact of RedSTARTs work and therefore the funding received, against the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the UN list of 17 SDGs.

Ninety One is one of 17 firms across the financial services sector to pledge to help RedSTART achieve the aims of Change the Game.

“Ten years ago, we started RedSTART with a core belief that when people are knowledgeable and confident about their personal financial decisions, their personal wealth will grow, and the economy will prosper as a result. With our new strategy and partners, we can help change the game for 4.7 million primary school children in the UK by 2030.”
Robert Gardner, co-founder of RedSTART

The impact of RedSTART

Primary schools
Primary schools


Primary schools helped

17 000

children provided with a financial education through RedSTART
Project commitment
Project commitment


years of upskilling young minds
“By supporting ‘Change the Game’, we have an opportunity to invest in the financial education of primary school children where a small contribution could have a large-scale impact. Having participated in one of RedSTART’s workshops, I am personally aware of the power of the programme and excited about what can be achieved through our support.”
Sheila Butterly, Human Capital, Ninety One
Last updated: February, 2023