EM Debt in discussion

Our EMD experts drill into the markets, discuss key themes and tackle questions on investors’ minds. Join us every second Tuesday of the month.
Our EMD experts drill into the markets, discuss key themes and tackle questions on investors’ minds. Join us every second Tuesday of the month.

EM Debt in discussion

Our new discussion series Ninety One Live: EM Debt in discussion is designed to give you access to senior members of our EMD investment team. In each of these sessions, our experts will drill into the markets, discuss key themes and tackle questions on investors’ minds.

What to expect

  • A quick pulse-take on recent market developments from our EMD team
  • A candid discussion on a highly relevant topic for EMD investors (more details below)
  • Ample opportunity to ask questions.

Replay previous events

December | Prospects across EMD in 2021

Tuesday, 8 December
Peter Eerdmans reflects back on what has already been an eventful year and looks ahead to what lies in store for EMD investors.

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November | A hard look at hard currency

Tuesday, 17 November
There is more that differentiates hard currency EM sovereign and corporate debt than links them as fixed income asset classes. Head of EM Corporate Debt Victoria Harling and PM Thys Louw discuss the separate and complementary attractions of both asset classes, the need for structural allocations and the prospects for 2021.

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October | The Allure of Asia

Tuesday, 13 October
Asia Fixed Income, including Chinese bonds, is an asset class that’s coming of age, offering attractive yields and low correlations. Our experts explain why the question for investors is no longer ‘if?’ or ‘when?’ but ‘how?’ and ‘how much?'

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September | Making the asset class work for you

Tuesday, 8 September BST
Listen in to a roundtable discussion between our sovereign and corporate debt experts and senior asset allocators, who will discuss what role EMD has to play in institutional portfolios and how to get the most out of it.

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June | Emerging Markets: looking at the road to recovery

Peter Eerdmans, Head of Fixed Income, talks candidly about the issues and concerns facing EMD investors today, based on questions posed by our clients.


August | Fundamentally flawed or just misunderstood?

Tuesday, 11 August | 14:00 - 15:00 BST
First-quarter turmoil sent shockwaves through local currency markets. With COVID-19 stretching many economies’ finances, we ask: how strong are the foundations beneath local currency debt markets and can an allocation make sense for investors who dislike volatility?

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