Times change. Quality doesn’t.

A window on the world of quality investing at Ninety One

Quality companies come in many shapes and sizes but for us, they all share the same, core characteristics. Finding true quality, however, is easier said than done.

Four portfolio managers stepped in front of Citywire’s cameras to discuss what it takes for companies the world over to meet the exacting standards of the Ninety One Quality investment team.

Find out how the four portfolio managers – part of a global investment team of 291 – navigate the current market environment and which companies they believe to be the winners of tomorrow.  

*as at March 2021


Quality without borders

Based in Cape Town, New York and London, Ninety One’s Clyde Rossouw, Charlie Dutton, Abrie Pretorius and Paul Vincent cover the world with their very different perspectives.

Joining Angus Foote in Citywire’s London studio, they reveal the characteristics and attributes they look for when constructing resilient growth and income portfolios and the impact of the pandemic on markets, companies and their investment decisions.

You can view the full discussion here.

Strength in depth – and breadth

A diverse approach enables our global team to identify trends and share insight regarding the evolution of exactly what constitutes a quality company, helping us build several dedicated global and regional strategies. Co-head of Quality, Clyde Rossouw, provides an overview of the broad offering Ninety One’s quality team provides, be it, global, regional, for growth or for income.

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A broad range

Over time, the universe of quality companies has evolved, and – driven by our geographically diverse, globally integrated team – we have identified trends and evolved our sector and geographical exposures, while staying true to our quality approach. In these short videos, the managers sum up the main aspects of their portfolios. And what sets them apart.