A heritage in change

Change challenges us, compels us to adapt and it’s our response to change that shapes us. Since 1991 we’ve been helping our clients deal with change.
We began in a year of extraordinary change, a small start-up with a big dream. To use our investment expertise to make a difference. A difference to our clients and to the place we call home. Always seeking the opportunity in the changes surrounding us.

What’s in a name?

1991 was a year of unbelievable change.
And it was the year that Investec Asset Management was born.
Change is in our blood.
We understand it, we manage it.
We harness it and we live it.
And we changed too.
With our new name Ninety One.

In celebration of our beginning. And whatever changes come next.

Investments involve risk; losses may be made.

Our identity

Our journey from emerging market roots has been like no other in our industry. We look different because we are different. Our brand is a celebration of that distinctive journey, our uncommon culture and our passion to always make the best for our clients, our firm and the world overall.

While our name has changed, we’re still the same firm