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Opportunities aren’t as obvious as change

The world is constantly shaped and reshaped by change. And that should bring opportunities. But opportunities aren’t as obvious as change. Not the best ones, at least. Before you can make the most of them, you have to find them.

Ninety One was born in times of change, so we are not daunted by it. We’ve learned to assess and understand it, so that we can navigate it. So that, wherever there is change, we can see past its distractions to seek the real investment opportunities within it.

Wherever there is change, we can see past its distractions to seek the real investment opportunities within it.

We know that change is inevitable.

We know what we see and experience in the world today.
And we know that in those moments when someone harnesses change and turns opportunity into reality, the world we see and experience is suddenly different.

Renewable Energy Vehicles, circa 1996.

Renewable Energy Vehicles, circa 1996.

The opportunity? To create a commercial RE vehicle at scale. The Prius, the first mass-produced electric-hybrid car, was introduced in 1997.

Social networking, circa 1996.

The opportunity? To build a way for everyone, everywhere to connect with one another. The first recognised social network, Six Degrees, was launched in 1996.

Data security, circa 1987.

The opportunity? To find the means to protect a growing repository of digital information. CERT, the first computer network-security organisation, was introduced in 1988.

Decarbonisation, circa 2014.

Decarbonisation, circa 2014.

The opportunity? To commit to curbing carbon spewing into the atmosphere -- and avert harmful climate change. The global reduction of carbon emissions was part of the Paris Agreement of 2015.

Recycling, circa 2002.

The opportunity? To stem ever-increasing piles of waste by turning garbage back into useful products. The UK’s Household Waste Recycling Act was passed and introduced in 2003.

Search engines, circa 1992.

The opportunity? To create a tool that could search for and find information immediately, everywhere. While the most universally used, Google, was launched in 1998. Aliweb was launched in 1993.

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