Transition investing​

Investment opportunities in the shift to a low-carbon economy. This portal brings clarity to transition investing - offering specialist knowledge, expert views and real-world stories of transition in action.​

The rise of transition finance

The vast financing required to transition to a decarbonised global economy presents diverse opportunities for investors. ‘Transition investments’ exist across industries, regions and asset classes – our experts explain how to identify and evaluate them.

Introduction to transition investing​

The term ‘transition investing’ describes allocations that finance progress towards net zero. It covers investments in industries and infrastructure that are helping the energy transition, as well as targeting high-emitting sectors that require substantial financing to implement their climate strategies. Critical to transition investing is having a credible way to determine which companies can effectively transition.

Investing in the transition can take the form of equity or debt, as well as project financing.

Enabling the transition

Investments in industries and infrastructure enabling the energy transition.​

Focusing on high emitters

Investments in high-emitting sectors where credible climate transition plans require financing.

Examples include:

  • Investments in high-emitting, hard-to-decarbonise industries such as steel, cement and chemicals, supplying them with the capital they need to decarbonise.​
  • Investments in high-emissions regions, particularly emerging markets, providing capital to facilitate progress towards net zero.​
  • Investments in the infrastructure transformations required to achieve net zero, such as upgrading electrical power grids and transmission systems.​
  • Investments in decarbonisation innovations and projects, such as green hydrogen and carbon capture and storage.​
Essentials of net-zero investing
Episode 0427 min20 Jul 2023
Sovereign carbon assessment

Carbon data is backward looking and needs a better measure at a sovereign level explains Portfolio Manager Nicolas Jaquier. In an interview with Sustainability Director, Daisy Streatfeild, he outlines the unique challenges he and the team face when measuring and assessing the net-zero impact of countries and how to align portfolios to this goal.

Accessing transition investments

At Ninety One, we believe the net-zero transition is creating a multi-year, structural investment opportunity – as well as the chance to help drive progress towards a clean-energy future for all of the world’s people. Find out about our transition investment solutions.​

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