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Taking Stock Summer 2020

Our latest edition of Taking Stock brings you news and views from around the business and markets, helping you to stay up to date.
Our latest edition of Taking Stock brings you news and views from around the business and markets, helping you to stay up to date.

Market-moving events – how to keep a cool head

The start of the new decade has been anything but boring. We face the US elections, ongoing trade talks between the US and China, elections in Hong Kong and tensions in the Middle East. More recently, investors also have to contend with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Here at home, we are keeping a close eye on Moody’s rating decision and hoping for decisive action on the state-owned enterprises.
It’s important to avoid knee-jerk reactions to sharp market moves and to stick to your long-term investment goals. Read this issue of Taking Stock for topical insight from our leading investment specialists. Find out how we’re assessing the domestic and global environment, managing risks and capturing opportunities.

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