91 Stories of hope

02. The Springboks

In this, the second instalment of our 91 stories of hope, we celebrate the extraordinary Springboks, who not only successfully defended their title, but also hold the Webb Ellis trophy for a record fourth time.

30 Oct 2023

1 minutes

The Springboks

At a time when South Africans need it the most, they have become a beacon of hope and unity for the nation.

With their historic Rugby World Cup victory, they've proven that resilience and teamwork can overcome any challenge, despite the greatest odds. With only minutes remaining during the matches against the English and the French teams, at a time when most of their supporters had given up, the Springboks kept pushing, ultimately achieving victory.

“What brings us together is our country. It’s the Springbok and then it’s South Africa. That’s what has been driving us and I can’t always explain how I feel because you have to be South African to see, feel, and experience the things we do. We live in a beautiful country with a lot of problems, but once we come together for a common goal, nothing can stop us as country.”
- Siya Kolisi

The Springboks' triumph is a testament to the power of sports in fostering unity and pride. They've shown that no matter where we come from, and how limited our means, the green and gold jersey unites us all. In a country marked by a complex and divided history, they've given South Africans a reason to stand together, effortlessly celebrating our diversity.

As we celebrate the Springboks' World Cup win, we also celebrate the hope and inspiration they've brought to South Africans. Their story is a reminder that when we come together, we can overcome anything.


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