All China Bond Fund

A holistic approach unlocking opportunities in Chinese bonds

Fund highlights


All China approach & portfolio diversification​

Including onshore (CNY) and offshore bonds (USD, CNH) maximising​ the investment opportunity set​


Robust solution seeking​ outperformance​

Flexible portfolio construction aims for good risk adjusted returns by investing across onshore government bonds and credit1


Aims to pay monthly dividend ​

Annualised dividend yield: 4.54% (A Inc-3 USD) (Dividend is not guaranteed and may be paid out of distributable income, capital or both)2

Tapping into the second largest bond market globally
  • A vast bond market: China has the world’s second largest bond market and the world’s largest developing bond market3
  • An attractive income opportunity: Chinese bond yields are generally higher than their global peers.
  • A diversifying allocation: China’s bond markets have exhibited low correlation with major risk asset classes historically.

Advantages of investing in Chinese bonds

Advantages of investing in Chinese bonds

Past performance should not be taken as a guide to the future and there is no guarantee that this investment will make profits; losses can be made. Performance of underlying securities does not represent the performance of the Fund.

1The portfolio may change significantly over a short period of time. 2Ninety One, as at 30.06.22, based on A Inc-3 USD share class. Annualised dividend yield (%): (Distribution per share/Record date NAV) x 12. A positive yield does not imply a positive return. 3Source: Bank for International Settlements, 31.12.21. 4People’s Bank of China, China Central Depository & Clearing, Shanghai Clearing House, 31.05.22.
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