Sustainable Equity

The future looks different to the past. Our innovative sustainable investment strategies look for the leaders of tomorrow.

Why Ninety One for Sustainable Equity?

A sustainable future demands new ways of doing business – and new ways of investing to identify the leaders of tomorrow.

Ninety One’s Sustainable Equity strategies rethink sustainable investing for a changing world.

Our ‘Capitals Framework’ – spanning natural, social, human and financial capital – enables full-spectrum analysis of companies and sectors.

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Through in-depth research, we seek to identify businesses across industries and regions whose positive impacts on the planet, people and society will drive their growth, profits and durability.

We offer a range of Sustainable Equity investment strategies to suit investors’ requirements. They all share the following features:

  • Actively managed portfolios, with high active share
  • Positive-inclusion investment approaches
  • In-depth fundamental and sustainability research
  • Company engagement to drive positive change

Investments involve risk; losses may be made.

The leading businesses of tomorrow will be those that create value for all of their stakeholders. To identify them, sustainable investment approaches need to be re-engineered.
- Sustainable Equity team

Global skillset

We are a diverse team united by the belief that, as the global economy transitions to a more sustainable model, sustainability performance will be an increasingly influential driver of business success. Through in-depth research and proprietary analysis, we seek to identify the ‘sustainability alpha’ the market has missed.


portfolio managers


years average experience


female/male diversity

New investment tools, deeper insights

We believe the leading businesses of the future will increasingly be those that deliver value to all of their stakeholders. New research tools and analytical approaches are needed for investors to evaluate the natural, social and human capital value companies create or destroy.

Our ‘Capitals Framework’ enables full-spectrum analysis of the sustainability characteristics of potential investments, with the aim of identifying risks and opportunities that the market has mispriced. Analysis conducted via the framework is embedded within our Sustainable Equity strategies’ fundamental research.

Sustainable Equity capitals framework

Sustainable Equity team

Deirdre Cooper
Graeme Baker
Stephanie Niven
Juliana Hansveden
Matt Evans

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