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Arcadia Primary School

Our partnership with The Bookery means the 927 learners at Arcadia Primary School in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, will now have a well-stocked library for the first time. The library was officially opened last week. By happy coincidence, the timing aligned with the 2022 theme for UNESCO International Literacy Day, on 8th September: Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces.

Residents of Bonteheuwel are beset by gang violence and drug abuse. They have few havens. The principal and staff at Arcadia Primary School are doing all they can to create a safe space for children to learn, play and grow. This literacy and media learning space will create a secure and welcoming environment for the kids at Arcadia Primary.

“With a nostalgic experience in hand, yet with a reminder that no single intervention may remedy all social ills of the community, the contribution by Ninety One towards a safe space for learning and growth is certain to be impactful.”
Trent Solomon, Client Operations Manager at Ninety One and ex-learner at Arcadia Primary School

Gamka Oos Primary School

Ninety One in collaboration with The Bookery travelled to Gamka-Oos where they conducted training with the LA, deliver the library equipment (laptop, printer, and books), and conducted some lessons with the learners. The team was happy to see that the school had drafted a timetable and library classes were already taking place.

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The Bookery, a non-profit organisation, creates well-stocked and well-run libraries in under-resourced public schools in South Africa, stocking up shelves with age-appropriate books and training unemployed youth from the school community as library assistants to manage the library and ensure its sustainability.

The impact of The Bookery

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Libraries launched


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Learners supported

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Books distributed

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