Becoming Ninety One

Investing for a world of change
Investing for a world of change

We are Ninety One.


In 1991 the dismantling of apartheid began.
Russia emerged from communism.
Grunge signalled the arrival of Generation X.
Antarctica was dedicated to science and peace.
And the internet went public.

‘91 was a year of unbelievable change. And it was the year that Investec Asset Management was born. Change is in our blood. We understand it. We manage it. We live it and we lead it.

And now it’s time for us to change. Investec Asset Management has a new name. In celebration of our beginning and whatever changes come next.

Investments involve risk; losses may be made.
Whether it is the rise of the East or the rise of the machines, we’ll always seek to make the best of it. Best for our clients, best for our company, and the best for the world we live in.

The rainbow nation is born

The dismantling of Apartheid began

The “Rainbow Nation” emerged on 17 June 1991 when Apartheid legislation was repealed, followed by South Africa’s first fully free elections a few years later. Today, while living with the challenges presented by the vestiges of Apartheid, South Africa has continued to meet multiple challenges with courage and humour.  

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The Antarctic was designated as a place of science and peace

The world protected Antarctica

The Protocol on Environmental Protection was added to the Antarctic Treaty and signed in Madrid on 4 October, 1991. The Protocol designates Antarctica as a “natural reserve, devoted to peace and science” (Art. 2) and made the entire continent off-limits to commercial exploitation and pollution.

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Grunge music gave Generation X their anthem

A new generation is heard

When Nirvana’s track ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ topped charts around the world grunge was propelled into the mainstream and gave Gen X their anthem.

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After 74 years the Russian tricolour flag flies again

Russia emerges from Communism

On Christmas Day 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as head of the party which had steered the Soviet Union since its inception 74 years before. Communist control was over and in its place, a newly independent Russian state emerged.

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The world wide what?

The internet goes global

In August 1991, Tim Berners-Lee announced the WorldWideWeb (WWW) project aims "to allow links to be made to any information anywhere” and asked for collaborators to help spread the web to other areas. Interest in the project spread around the world and the internet as we know it had begun.

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