A globally integrated, specialist approach, providing investors with asset class diversification to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

In a changing world, it helps to tackle challenges from every angle.

We avoid traditional asset labels and categorise investments according to how they behave as: Growth, Defensive or Uncorrelated.

Built from a powerful combination of top-down insight and bottom-up research, our multi-asset strategies and solutions are designed to generate the outcomes investors require.

We carefully select every investment, assessing how it will help us target returns and manage risks from a total portfolio perspective. And by understanding structural themes as well as cyclical risk dynamics, we aim to create resilient, multi-asset portfolios that can generate attractive returns on a sustainable basis.

Sustained outperformance over the medium to long term is derived from focused, multi-specialist investment teams working together within a clearly defined process.
Chris Freund and Hannes van den Berg