Our proprietary approach to quality focuses on attractively valued companies with enduring competitive advantages, disciplined capital allocation and sustainable cash flows.

How we invest

We seek a purer expression of quality companies. We focus on fundamental research, to identify companies with rare and exceptional characteristics that can compound shareholder value over the long term.

Our research seeks to identify companies that possess some of the following key attributes.

  • Hard-to-replicate enduring competitive advantages
  • Dominant market positions in stable growing industries
  • Low sensitivity to the economic and market cycle
  • Healthy balance sheets and low capital intensity
  • Sustainable cash generation and effective capital allocation

These exceptional qualities have enabled companies to deliver sustainably high returns on capital, and compound cash flows over the long term.

We’re looking for quality companies with enduring competitive advantages and high returns on capital; offering the best combination of quality, growth, and valuation.
Clyde Rossouw