Emerging Market Fixed Income

We are a global investment firm, but our roots are firmly in emerging markets.

How we invest

We have been investing in emerging market debt for over twenty years. With our roots in emerging markets we were one of the first firms to offer dedicated investment strategies in this field. Throughout this time, we’ve developed a cutting-edge toolkit. This supports our established team of specialists in their constant search for the best opportunities for investors.

We are active investors and believe this is essential for the pursuit of sustainable returns and careful risk management. With our roots in emerging markets we believe we can offer a different perspective.

We believe that understanding the causes and drivers of a broad range of environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related issues is essential when seeking to build a robust and resilient emerging market debt portfolio. And our African heritage gives us invaluable insights in this regard.
There is never a dull moment in this rapidly evolving debt universe. We find there’s no substitute for specialist skills and insightful research guided by our cutting-edge investment toolkit.
Werner Gey van Pittius
Victoria Harling
Peter Kent