The 4Factor team targets high quality, attractively valued companies with improving operating performance that are receiving increasing investor attention.

Fundamental investors, harnessing technology.

Active, bottom-up investment driven by fundamental analysis is core to every investment decision.

What we look for

High quality

High quality businesses with durable competitive advantages supporting strong cash returns on capital that will compound over time

Attractively valued

Companies trading at a discount relative to our view of intrinsic value based on their fundamental economic prospects to ensure that we are the beneficiaries of future accumulated returns

Improving operating performance

Upward momentum to operating performance that is not fully factored in by the market, offering a catalyst to realise value

Increasing investor attention

Businesses that are receiving increasing investor attention as a sense check to guard against potential behavioural biases

Sustainability integration

At Ninety One, we are committed to investing for a better tomorrow, with sustainability as a key part of our purpose as an active investment manager.

The blossoming area of sustainable investing, driven by laudable intentions, may have further fueled behavioural biases in equity markets.

We believe these biases are creating new opportunities for our 4Factor investment approach. Our integration of ESG into the investment process helps us analyse real world outcomes and aims to generate alpha for our clients:

  1. Expanding datasets that incorporate sustainability aiming to avoid biases
  2. Rigorous fundamental analysis and
  3. Engaging with companies rather than divesting
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