Sustainability in a pivotal year

Vivienne Taberer reflects on a pivotal 12 months for Ninety One’s EM Fixed Income platform from a sustainability perspective.

11 Oct 2022

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Vivienne Taberer

It has been a pivotal 12 months for Ninety One’s EM Fixed Income platform from a sustainability perspective.

Sustainability highlights

  • The launch of our Emerging Markets Sustainable Blended Debt strategy.
  • The unveiling the Net Zero Sovereign Index to help inform our analysis of climate action and climate risk adaptation.
  • Ninety One formally joining the Emerging Markets Investors Alliance (EMIA). Over recent years, we have collaborated with other EMIA members as part of numerous working groups, mostly in the field of fiscal transparency,
  • Since the formation of the ASCOR Project (Assessing Sovereign Climate-Related Opportunities and Risks), we have been actively involved in the working groups. A key priority for us in this is ensuring that the tools being developed to measure sovereign exposure to climate risk and assess governments’ plans to transition to a low carbon economy are consistent with a fair transition in emerging markets
  • Grant Webster, Strategy leader, continuing his work as Co-Chair of Crisis Group’s London Ambassador Council.

Inaugural sustainability report

Now that a year has passed since we launched the EM Sustainable Blended Debt strategy, we recently published our first annual sustainability report. This report offers an analysis of the sustainability credentials of all the countries whose bonds are held in the portfolio – plus a few other key markets. This is based on our proprietary ESG framework, which we also describe in the report. The report also provides readers with an overview of our engagement activities across the investment universe and gives a snapshot of the EM Sustainable Blended Debt portfolio through the lens of our proprietary ESG framework.

Read the Sustainability Report

Vivienne Taberer
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