Essentials of net zero investing

Tackling the important questions on the road to net-zero

In this short series, we help asset owners and investors better understand what it takes to invest in a world transitioning to net-zero.

Our aim is to answer the questions we are often hearing from our clients and dissect the options available.

These topics include:
  • How we can set net-zero portfolio targets and link them to real-world impact
  • What tools are needed to assess the credibility of a company’s transition plan
  • How should we interpret sovereign-level transition plans?
  • What are the meaningful ways we can measure outcomes and impact?
Latest episodes
Episode 0427 min20 Jul 2023
Sovereign carbon assessment

Carbon data is backward looking and needs a better measure at a sovereign level explains Portfolio Manager Nicolas Jaquier. In an interview with Sustainability Director, Daisy Streatfeild, he outlines the unique challenges he and the team face when measuring and assessing the net-zero impact of countries and how to align portfolios to this goal.

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