The Brokerage: Helping young people achieve their potential

Making a real difference to young people’s lives and careers.

The Brokerage is a social mobility charity committed to breaking the corporate mould. They believe in equal access to opportunity, irrespective of background or race, and helping talented young people get the jobs they deserve in a world where their ability and aspiration alone determine their career path.

Over the last three years, Ninety One has worked with The Brokerage and hosted workshops and interactive events at our London office for bright young people for whom The City feels inaccessible because of their social, ethnic, or economic background.

“Imagine the first time you ever set foot inside a corporate office for an interview at the start of your career. Your thoughts may have included what to wear, how to introduce yourself, how to greet the receptionist, and how to talk about your experiences. The young people from The Brokerage don’t have friends or family with professional networks. They have no one to guide them. By partnering with The Brokerage, by giving our time, expertise, and welcoming them to our offices, we can help change these young people’s career paths.”
Alicia Herrando, UK Client Group

Impact of the Brokerage



young people aged 16-25 have attended our events


Ninety One volunteers have donated 51 volunteering hours
First generation students
First generation students


from families with no history of university attendance in the family
Last updated: February, 2023