Building resilient portfolios

Why invest in the new Europe?

Combatting tough times in Europe has involved bold policy action. In this series, we consider where investors can find the potential opportunities emerging from the recovery.

A post-COVID world emerges

Europe’s stimulus response to the crisis is among the highest globally and this has put a floor under capital markets. It has accelerated the green agenda and added extra impetus to secular trends, such as the move to an increasingly digital world.

In the ‘Why Invest in the new Europe’ series, we aim to help investors identify those companies that are set to thrive in a greener, more innovative Europe. Specifically, we:

  • Explain what policy measures mean for the shape of the recovery and the future of Europe
  • Examine what steps towards greater fiscal alignment means for Europe's industries, such as financials
  • Explore how Europe has put the green agenda at the heart of its recovery plan and where industry leadership could strengthen
  • Consider where the potential opportunities are for investors from the transition to a greener and more digital Europe

All investments carry the risk of capital loss.

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