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Net zero portfolios are not the same thing as achieving net zero in the real economy

A panel of Ninety One’s investment professionals discussed how to measure where a company or country is on its net-zero journey. Here are some highlights.

Oct 21, 2021

30 minutes

Fast view

  • It’s not enough to simply say carbon-intensity is an inadequate measure of net-zero transition alignment. Viable alternative metrics need to be developed.
  • It may be three years before such metrics are available industry-wide. In the meantime, some Ninety One teams are assessing transition strategies by asking three key questions of companies:
    • Is your carbon-reduction target ambitious enough?
    • Has it been costed for?
    • Is it possible to measure progress on an annual basis – not necessarily in terms of the carbon footprint, but perhaps in terms of capital expenditure on the transition strategy?
  • Ninety One’s Sovereign Fixed Income team has developed a Net Zero Sovereign Index to define a fair transition pathway for individual countries. The index takes into account each country’s starting position, including its level of wealth, and ability to transition.
  • The index allows investors to measure a country’s progress over time in relation to the fair pathway. The aim is to give the investment team and clients a means of monitoring a country’s net zero policies and actions, and whether it is on the right track.


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Therese Niklasson
Peter Eerdmans
Portfolio Manager
Nazmeera Moola
Chief Sustainability Officer

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