Swell times: assessing inflation’s investment impacts

We haven’t had a sustained period of price rises for years. But with the pandemic – and the response to it by governments and central banks – potentially stoking price pressures, investors need to assess carefully the implications for their portfolios of a more inflationary environment. We explore the impact that inflation will have on asset classes, portfolios and approach to investing.
What would inflation mean for investors?

All rise: Assessing inflation risk in a post pandemic world

Inflation arises from complex interactions between multiple factors over long periods, making it difficult to predict. Ninety One’s Investment Institute explores inflation in theory and practice, and considers what history tells us about the inflationary outlook now. In particular the research takes a close look at:

  • Inflation theories: what makes prices rise?
  • A brief history of recent inflationary episodes
  • The structural factors driving inflation, and why they’re changing
  • Inflation outlook for the US: why it could be different this time

Read why inflation risk is rising

All investments carry the risk of capital loss.