Covid-19 Q&A: Maintaining business as usual 

We are following the guidance of the authorities in each region. In line with that guidance, colleagues in the UK, Europe and some other locations are now working remotely. 

Mar 20, 2020

2 minutes

What steps has Ninety One taken to address the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic?

As ever, we remain focused on looking after our clients and their assets. To keep the Ninety One team safe and ensure we can operate business as usual, we are following the guidance of the authorities in each region. In line with that guidance, colleagues in the UK, Europe and some other locations are now working remotely. Business travel and events have been postponed. Other than that, we are operating business as usual and providing the full service our clients have come to expect from us.

Are you able to operate all functions remotely?

Yes. We are fully set up to work remotely. In line with our flexible working policy, team members are equipped with the technology and support to be fully mobile. All core processes can be undertaken remotely, and our IT infrastructure can support large-scale remote working in the event of disruption. All of our systems are working as expected.

Are Ninety One’s investment and dealing operations functioning as normal?

Yes. Our investment and dealing functions are fully capable of operating remotely. Our dealers have the technology to support remote working, as do our investment teams. These systems were recently tested, specifically with regard to supporting remote working – including both a critical-function test and a trade-volume test. They are working as expected.

What controls are in place to ensure an appropriate level of security during remote working?

Ninety One’s remote-working technologies have been designed and deployed in a way that replicates the same key system controls that are operational in the office environment.

What steps is Ninety One taking to monitor business continuity at suppliers and other third parties?

Our ongoing oversight of outsourced arrangements includes a periodic review of the outsourcer’s business-continuity processes, as well as testing to ensure that the risk of disruption is minimised. Specifically related to COVID-19, we are in regular contact with our key providers, which are supplying updates on their own plans. We are currently satisfied with the plans of all of our key providers, though we continue to monitor developments closely.

When will I receive an update on the performance of my investments?

We will continue to send you our regular performance reports, as per the usual schedule. As appropriate and in line with regulatory requirements, we will also be sending interim updates on portfolio performance. In terms of market insight, our investment specialists are regularly updating their analysis on our website, which you can read via the following link: assessing the coronavirus’ market impacts.