Ninety One's sustainability framework

Invest, Advocate, Inhabit

Ninety One’s sustainability framework is aligned with the purpose and culture of our business: to do the right thing. By doing the right thing, we believe we can deliver the best outcomes for our clients, our people and the planet.

Our approach to sustainability

Ninety One’s sustainability framework has three pillars:


Sustainability analysis is integrated across our investment strategies. We also offer sustainable investment solutions.

How we invest


We seek to lead the conversation where we can make a difference and offer expertise on important sustainability topics.

How we advocate


We believe change starts at home. We run our business responsibly and act sustainably.

How we inhabit

Driving sustainability with substance

Ninety One strives to be known for delivering sustainability with substance. Our sustainability framework – Invest, Advocate, Inhabit – puts the focus on the areas where we aim to make a real-world difference.


Are we continuing to improve the way we incorporate ESG analysis in our approach and decision-making?


Are we actively engaging portfolio companies on their ESG performance where we have expertise and where we believe we can make a difference?


Are we developing specialist sustainable strategies that focus on positive inclusion and a defined impact objective?

Policy contribution

Are we actively engaged with policy development where we can make a difference?


Do we challenge our clients, communities and stakeholders on the opportunities and risks in transitioning to a sustainable economy?

Thought leadership 

Does our research and insights help to lead the conversation and thinking on sustainable investing where we have expertise?

Our firm

Do we run our business responsibly, act sustainably and support and reflect our communities?


Are we committed to diversity and transformation across the communities and societies we operate within?

Natural world 

Are we active in helping to preserve our natural world and do we work towards a sustainable future for generations to come?