Road to 2030

Climate change

Climate change, and the world's response to it, will profoundly alter the economy and society. Here we examine the multi-faceted impact on investments, which we divide principally into transition risks and physical risks.
The Road to 2030 project is an investment-led project designed to articulate possible visions of the future, and the key drivers behind those outcomes. We explore five key themes, one of these is climate change.

Managing risk—that is to say, building strategies that are resilient to events like these—is not easy. So what can investors do?

In Road to 2030, we take a practitioner's perspective aided by both internal and external experts to ask the ‘what if’ questions and consider major changes to the status quo.

Forecasting is difficult, especially about the future, but one can prepare for “the future that has already happened”.

The project is laid out in five overarching themes followed by a scenario at the end. At the very least, the Road to 2030 is a horizon-scanning and risk management exercise. At its best, it provides a foundational understanding of the main drivers that will transform markets over the next decade.

Because climate scenario analysis typically sits in the risk department, the opportunities arising from the transition to a low-carbon economy are much less widely discussed than the risks.​

How do we think about climate change?

The growing recognition of the severity of climate change is prompting global changes to production and consumption systems, in turn creating transition risks for a number of industries, as well as vast opportunities for industries able to participate in decarbonisation.

We use mindmaps to organise and articulate our thoughts about subjects that are conceptually complex, and below shows our theme climate change.

Road to 2030 - Climate change mindmap

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